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Later this week, there is a strong possibility that our service area will see the effects of Hurricane Ian. Like power lines, Tri-CoGo’s fiber optic network is not immune to the inevitable impact of large-scale storms.

Reporting an Outage

Customers will likely experience prolonged internet outages due to storm damage. It is important to know how to effectively report an outage. Internet outages will occur as a result of losing power. In many situations, power restoration will need to take place first for fiber repairs to be made safely. In this scenario, customers should follow Tri-County EMC’s protocol to report the outage as quickly as possible: How to Report an Outage

If a customer is experiencing an internet outage but still has power, they should contact Tri-CoGo’s tech support line at 844-662-7570 for immediate remote assistance.

Preparing to Stay Connected

Customers that work from home will need to have an alternative option if an internet outage occurs. Most cellular data plans include a personal hotspot. Accessed through settings, personal hotspots are built-in to mobile devices and offer the ability to connect to the web via cellular network. Personal hotspots drain phone battery quickly, so make sure your devices and power banks are fully charged.

Portable hotspot devices (shown above), commonly known as MiFi, operate as a wireless access point for users. MiFi devices can be purchased from most major carriers and do not require the use of a cellular device. Please keep in mind that cell towers can also be affected by the storm and hotspot access may be limited.

Staying Updated

Tri-CoGo and Tri-County EMC will post regular updates, outage information, and photos throughout the life of Hurricane Ian on various social media channels.

Be sure to follow both Facebook pages for the most current information:

Tri-CoGo Facebook Page

Tri-County EMC Facebook Page

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