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The Tri-CoGo Team, fiber consultant Conexon, and contractor Ervin Cable Construction celebrated reaching 500 miles of installed fiber on Tuesday, May 17th at the Tri-County EMC office in Gray. According to Project Manager Alan Boggs, since May of 2021, crews have hung 2,344,320 feet of strand, buried 269,280 feet of underground duct, and attached 2,678,000 feet of fiber across Jones, Wilkinson, Twiggs, and Baldwin counties. This milestone also completes the construction of over half of the first phase in the two-part fiber build-out project, and Phase 2 construction is projected to begin later this year.

Through unpredictable weather conditions and a demanding schedule, crews have worked and will continue to work tirelessly to help Tri-CoGo meet the rural broadband needs of Tri-County EMC members. “We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Ervin as our fiber construction contractor,” commends Greg Mullis, Chief Operating Officer of Tri-CoGo, “They have kept our project on pace, despite the labor and materials challenges in our current economic environment. Best of all, their employees are extremely conscientious about working around our homes and subdivisions, leaving them just like they found them.”

As construction moves further into Baldwin County, Tri-CoGo continues to bring 100% fiber internet to new customers every day. “We know there is a great need for faster internet in the underserved areas of Baldwin County,” says Mullis, “Fiber internet will be available to Tri-County EMC members in Baldwin County beginning as early as this summer.”

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Anna Jones