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: 478-986-8320

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: 478-986-8321


Sign Up For Service

How do I establish service?

Assuming your home or business is located in an area where service is available, you can sign up on the website by clicking the “Sign Up” button, or by calling Customer Service at 844-662-7569. 

How does the installation process work?

When you sign up for service, your address enters a queue to await drop installation. We will install the service drop to your home and a Network Interface Device (small box) on the side of your home. Installation of the drop will follow electrical service to your home.

After your drop is installed, you will receive an email with a link to schedule the installation of your home equipment. Someone at least 18 years or older must be present at the time of installation because technicians will need to access the inside of your home.

How do you decide who can get service first?

Our fiber network is being built one substation at a time across Tri-County EMC’s service territory following the design plan for the entire network. Connections to each substation subsequently built and throughout the entire area provide important redundancy and resiliency. Service will become available as fiber construction is completed in each “zone”. 

What if service is not yet available in my area?

If service is not available in your area when you go to sign up, we recommend pre-registering. Pre-registering will allow you to be the first to know when service is live in your area.

How do I get Tri-CoGo if I’m a renter?

If it’s a new installation, you’ll need permission from your landlord to have the installation performed.

Customer Billing

Where can I view my Tri-CoGo bill?

Your bill will be sent to the email address associated with your Tri-CoGo account on the 1st of every month. Paper bills are available by request and will cost an additional $5.00 per month.

How can I pay my Tri-CoGo bill?

There are several ways to pay your bill:

  • Customer Portal via the “Pay My Bill” button on the website
  • Phone using debit/credit/check by calling 844-662-7569
  • Kiosks located at our offices accept cash or checks

Is there a late fee if I don't pay on time?

If bills are not paid by the 15th of every month, a 5% late fee or $10.00 charge, whichever is greater, will be added on the account if the payment is not made by the original due date.


Accounts remaining unpaid 14 days from the due date are subject to disconnection. Accounts
disconnected due to non-payment are subject to a $25 reconnection fee at time of service
restoration along with any unpaid balance. Accounts remaining disconnected for non-payment
for 14 days will be final billed. A $25 account establishment fee, and all other past due
amounts, must be paid to reestablish an account and reconnect service.

Why is my first bill higher?

Your first bill will include pro-rated charges from the first month you receive service. There will also be a $25.00 account establishment fee. 

Will my bills for fiber and electric be together or separate?

Although we share some employees and facilities, Tri-CoGo and Tri-County EMC are two separate companies. Your Tri-CoGo bill will be separate from your electric bill.

How do I set up Autopay?

Log onto your customer portal, click “Make A Payment” and enable Auto-Pay, you will receive a $25 one time bill credit. Your bill will then be paid on the 15th of the month automatically.

About The Internet Service

What equipment is required? How much does the equipment cost?

You are not required to provide any equipment. You will be provided with an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which functions as a modem, and a GigaSpire Wi-Fi router which will deliver a very powerful, state-of-the-art “managed” Wi-Fi signal for your home. 

Will I get a Tri-CoGo email address?

Tri-CoGo does not provide email service. If you need a new email address, we recommend creating an account with one of the many high-quality free email providers.

What is managed wi-fi?

Every subscription for Tri-CoGo’s internet service comes with free technical support and a Wi-Fi router that provides “managed” Wi-Fi. This allows our technicians to assist you remotely with any issues that may arise with your service. You will also receive complementary access to our app, allowing you access and control of your home’s network.

Can I use my own equipment?

You must use the ONT (modem) provided to receive internet service.

Though you can use your own router, we highly recommend that you utilize the router we provide. With the assistance of the GigaSpire, we can provide direct technical support remotely to your home, at no extra charge. If you elect to use your own router and we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone, a service call will be required and a fee of at least $99 will be added to your monthly bill.

What happens if the equipment is damaged?

Repair or replacement due to physical damage to the ONT, GigaSpire, fiber optic cable, or any other equipment will be charged to the subscriber. Malfunctioning equipment will be replaced by Tri-CoGo at no charge.

Do I have to return the equipment if I cancel service?

Yes. We will send someone to your house to pick up the equipment if you cancel service. Do not try to disconnect the equipment yourself.

Home Phone Service 

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, you will be able to keep your phone number in most cases.

Can I have multiple lines?