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The first fiber hut was set in Clinton Substation in Gray in April. This is one of 9 fiber huts that will be installed on our system – one at each substation. These huts house all of the electronics needed to provide fiber internet service to everyone on that substation.

Osmose, our engineering make-ready contractor, continues working to inspect every pole on our system and ensure that it is ready for fiber service. Sumpter, our make-ready contractor, then replaces and modifies poles as necessary.

After the poles are ready to go, Ervin Cable Contractors will hang strand, used to support the actual fiber, below the power lines. Fiber will then be lashed onto the strand.

Zone 1 Update:
Ervin is currently working in our Zone 1 of Clinton Substation in Gray, which includes areas near Lite-N-Tie Road served by Tri-County EMC. The crews are hanging aerial fiber and boring underground to pull fiber in underground neighborhoods.

What’s next?
More than 5 miles of strand and 2 miles of fiber have been constructed since May 17th. If you are pre-registered, watch for additional updates, including email notification that it is time for you to initiate your account. Service is expected to be available for those pre-registered in Zone 1 in August.

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