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When a new customer signs up for 100% fiber internet service with Tri-CoGo, it’s important they know what to expect in the weeks to follow. Internet installation is completed in two separate steps.

Drop Installation

Upon signing up for service, the customer’s address enters a queue to await the drop installation. All work is completed outside, so the customer is not required to be home at the time of the installation. The drop installation consists of technicians running the fiber from the pole directly to the home, including the placement of a Network Interface Device (small box) on the side of the home. Installation of the drop will follow electrical service of the property. Those customers with overhead electrical service will have an overhead fiber drop. Customers with underground electrical service will have an underground fiber drop installed. Lead time will depend on the volume of signups that Tri-CoGo is experiencing. It is normal for the drop installation to take 2-3 weeks to complete. Once the drop installation is complete, the customer will receive an email with a link to schedule the home installation at the earliest convenience.

Home Installation

When customers are choosing a day and time for the last step in the road to fiber internet, they should keep in mind that the designated technician will require access to the inside of the home when setting up the necessary equipment.  Someone 18 years or older must be home during the time of the home installation. Customers are not required to use the router that Tri-CoGo provides, but it is highly recommended. With the assistance of the GigaSpire, Tri-CoGo can provide direct technical support remotely to the home, at no extra charge. In addition to installing the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), or the modem, and the advanced GigaSpire router, the technician will assist customers in downloading the Tri-CoGo Control Center app. Control Center allows customers to control their network from the palm of their hand. Technicians will also connect 5 devices to the internet before leaving.

Should any questions arise before/after the service is installed, customers can always reach someone from Tri-CoGo’s dedicated Customer Success Team at 844-NO-2-SLOW.

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