Customer Service: 844-662-7569
: 478-986-8320

Tech Support: 844-662-7570
: 478-986-8321

Tri-County EMC members in Zone 1 are officially eligible for fiber internet service. 100 new accounts are slated to have their Tri-CoGo service installed in the coming weeks and technicians are actively installing new customers every day. Members who are pre-registered in Zone 1 should have received an email to begin their account initiation and schedule the drop installation to their home. Anyone interested in service who is not already pre-registered can do so here, on the website. Zone 1, it’s time to say no to slow!

Roads Included in Zone 1:

  • Skinner Rd
  • Lite N’ Tie Rd.
  • Old Lite N’ Tie Rd.
  • W. Clinton Street
  • Oak Dr.
  • Stone Brook Dr.
  • Boulder Dr.
  • St. Paul Church Cir.
  • Twin Lakes Dr.
  • Aaron Cir.
  • Erika Ln.
  • Homer Roberts Rd.
  • Overland Way
  • Grayson Glen Ct.
  • Larry Stephens Way
  • Creekside Dr.
  • Royal Ln.
  • Osborne Roberts Rd.
  • Luke Smith Rd.
  • Satterfield Dr.
  • Greenwood Dr.

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