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Zone 10, it’s time to say no to slow!

On July 8, members in Zone 10 became eligible to receive 100% fiber internet service from Tri-CoGo. Individuals that are pre-registered in Zone 10 should receive an email with a link to convert their pre-registration into an active account. Individuals who did not pre-register can sign up here, on our website by clicking the “Sign Up” button on the home page.  

Zone 10 is the ninth zone to open since September 2021. The opening of Zone 9 has been delayed due to necessary powerline rerouting in the Cumslo Road area. Tri-CoGo’s fiber lines are strung to Tri-County EMC’s power poles. This reroute will bring the powerline to the main road, allowing both power and fiber lines to be a safe distance away from trees and foliage, which will reduce outages of both services.

Below is a list of roads within Zone 10 that are now eligible for service. Please keep in mind that some portions of the roads fall within later zones and will not yet be able to receive service. A service area map and schedule can be found at

Bowen Hill Rd
Browns Crossing Rd
CC Camp Rd
Coopers Church Rd
Coopers Rd
County Line Church Rd
County Line Rd
Edward Hill Rd
Folendore Rd
Glenn Rd
Highway 49
Jessie’s Way
Kitchens Rd
Lingold Rd
Little Rd
Old James Rd
Pancras Rd
Roberts Rd
Salem Church Miller Rd
Salem Church Rd
Smith Rd
Torrance Rd
Union Hill Church Rd
Vale Dr
Weaver Rd

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